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The San Francisco Theological Seminary Center for Innovation in Ministry and the Convergence Network are calling all pastors, writers, artists, musicians, scholars and lay leaders to participate in an exciting new project called This We Affirm.

This We Affirm is a crowd-sourced, online, theme-based resource hub for pastors, congregations and individuals. You can help shape this thoughtful and ever-evolving tool by contributing resources you've created. Submit sermons, curriculum, music, articles, artwork and more!

Why Contribute?

When it comes to creating a more just and generous world, resources of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds are needed. Chances are, you have created something that users of This We Affirm would find inspiring, impactful or thought-provoking. By becoming a author, you join a global movement that fosters abundant life in community, seeks the common good, and promotes responsible living with the earth.

Get Paid for Your Content

As a Author to This We Affirm, you can choose to offer your resources for free or at a cost to users. If you choose to charge for the resource, you will set your own price for each resource, and receive 90% of the price listed each time your resource is purchased.

In order to offer resources for sale, you must be the copyright holder and grant non-exclusive rights to the material to those who purchase it.

This We Affirm processes payment through PayPal. If you would like to be paid for your content, you will have the opportunity to add your PayPal email address to your account in order to receive payments automatically. If you choose not to add that information during the registration process, you may choose to add you payment information in later via your author admin console.

How to Get Started

There are two ways to contribute to This We Affirm. With Option 1, you can send us your content and we will create a page and manage your resources for you. With Option 2, you can completely manage your resources yourself and charge for your content. Both options will allow you to share your unique content with our subscribers.


Option 1: Add Your Content Now

To share your resources with the ease of having the content managed by the This We Affirm team, click here to submit your resources for review now. After your content has been reviewed and approved, we'll create and manage a page for you and put up the content you submit there ourselves.

Option 2: Sign Up to Become a This We Affirm Author

To have more control over your content, see who is reading, charge for your resources and more, follow the steps below to get started.

1. Create a Member Account

Go to to create your member account. After you have completed your registration, you be prompted to the next step to become an author.

2. Sign Up to Become an Author

Once you are logged in as a member, click on "Contribute" or go to click here to create your author account. During this step you can decide whether you want your content to be available for sale or if you want to list it for free, and also enter your payment information.

3. Add Your Content

To begin adding content to This We Affirm, click the link to login to your new author account from your account confirmation email. Once you are logged in as a author, click “Add a Resource” in your account console or go to the Add My Content page to start adding your original content. Once your content is added, it will be submitted to our curators for review.

4. Share

The world is calling out for pastoral leaders to speak to these and other critical issues. We need your voice Will you share it?

Let people know about your content and This We Affirm by posting a link or sharing a meme on social media. Please consider adding #thisweaffirm to your posts so we can see them and share, them, too!

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