Living in the knowledge that we and all people are loved for eternity

At the heart of the Christian journey is realization that God’s love has no limits or boundaries. The process of continually rediscovering this reality is what it means to experience salvation. While followers of Jesus share their faith and hope with those who seek it, the all-encompassing love of God extends to those on other paths and in other places. To deny that God’s love is wide enough to embrace everyone for all of eternity is to deny the foundation of faith: that God is love. 
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OTHER RESOURCES  |  Living Lectionary

It Has Been Accomplished

COMMENTARY  |  Living Lectionary

John 19:27-30

In this short article, Herman Waetjen explores the last moments of Jesus' life on the cross, reflecting on how the cross brings the new creation that is longed for throughout scripture....

The Secret Question: Who is the Enemy?

COMMENTARY  |  Living Lectionary

John 11:1-44

In this article, Herman Waetjen explores the connections between resurrection and love of enemy, showing how resurrection, experienced here and now, liberates us from eye for an eye thinking....

We Are the People of the Eighth Day

COMMENTARY  |  Living Lectionary

Mark 1:1-11

In this article, Herman Waetjen looks at the baptism of Jesus, and how it urges us to see ourselves in the same light: “You are my beloved daughter, you are my beloved son, in you I am well pleased.”   ...

Nomad: A Spirituality For Traveling Light (Book)

OTHER RESOURCES  |  BrandanRobertson

A copy of Brandan Robertson's book "Nomad: A Spirituality For Traveling Light" ...


SMALL GROUPS  |  Living Lectionary

Psalm 10

A teaching guide and Resource on violence that had happened in France
Great Questions and How to discuss the Violence. ...

Salt and Light: Living a Faithful Life Podcast

SERMONS  |  Living Lectionary

Mathew 5: 13-20


We take a look at a popular passage that calls for Christians to be “salt and light” in the world. What can we learn about living a faithful life by looking more closely at the nature and use of both salt and light?


A Hymn After Gun Violence

WORSHIP  |  Living Lectionary

Isaiah 4:2; 1 John 4:18; James 3:1-12; Micah 6:8; Matthew 25:35

A hymn written after the Orlando mass killings, plus other hymns for reflection on gun violence:

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To a Place of Celebration
EBENEZER D ("Why Do Nations Rage Together")

To a place of celebration filled with laughter, dancing, joy,
Came such violent devastation — one man's efforts to destroy.
God, we grieve for loved ones taken; we lament, "What can we do?"
Now, we're feeling lost and shaken; heal our nation! Make us new!
Weapons kill — and so does silence; hear our prayer as we confess:
We have given in to violence, we have bowed to hopelessness.
God, we've lost our sense of vision of a world where there will be
Plowshares made from violent weapons, justice in society.
Give our leade...

Eternity Episode 1: Failing, Falling, and Flying

COMMENTARY  |  Darkwood Brew

Put away your flannel-graphs because this study of Genesis is anything but one-dimensional. This in the first episode in a series that will challenge what you think you know about seemingly familiar stories and includes guests Kevin Miller, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Reinhilde Ruprecht, Terence Fretheim, Chip Bouzard, and Beth Johnson. Spoiler alert: There’s way more grace there than you think....

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